Viking Storm (Dragonheart Book 18) par Griff Hosker

Viking Storm (Dragonheart Book 18) par Griff Hosker

Titre de livre: Viking Storm (Dragonheart Book 18)

Auteur: Griff Hosker

Broché: 286 pages

Date de sortie: August 1, 2017

Éditeur: Sword Books Ltd.

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Griff Hosker avec Viking Storm (Dragonheart Book 18)

The Dragonheart makes a journey to the top of the highest mountain in his land. He discovers a wolf cub which is close to death. He brings it back to health and it becomes part of his life. He does not know what effect the cub will have save that it has been sent from the spirits or the gods and he cannot ignore it.
When the clan raids the monastery at St Michael's Mount they set in motion larger events. The whole Saxon world becomes changed when the Dragonheart fights King Egbert on the fields of Pennsans. Emboldened by their raid the clan, with other Vikings keen to take part in a raid, attack and sack Lundenwic. It is there that Dragonheart finds more connections to his past and learns that his grandson Ragnar is more than capable of leading the clan. Is this the time for Dragonheart to step down as leader?